About Wendy

Wendy is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher and Positive Psychology Coach.  She also holds certifications as a Guided Imagery Specialist for Children,  Child Meditation Facilitator and Mindfulness at Work Facilitator. 

Having struggled with anxiety herself, Wendy is a strong advocate for practicing mindfulness to alleviate stress and anxiety as she has seen the many benefits in her own life. 

Learning the science behind mindfulness and meditation was essential to Wendy developing her own meditation practice. 

She enthusiastically shares the current research with her clients to illustrate the effectiveness and benefits of mindfulness and encourage her clients to develop regular practices of their own.

Whether it be a group or individual session, Wendy strives to create a safe space for learning, sharing and growth. 

Wendy works out of Shea Tree Wellness.  

She opened Shea Tree to provide space for like minded wellness professionals who are passionate about serving the community.