Mindfulness in Schools

Wendy can visit your school and provide a mindfulness presentation for your students.  She will give the students a good understanding of how mindfulness can help them in various areas of their life, specifically focus and concentration, sleep, anxiety, healthy technology use, bullying and compassion.  The students will be introduced to meditation and various practices they can use to reduce anxiety and develop a growth mindset.    


Professional Development Day

Have Wendy speak at your next Professional Development Day.  She will present an interactive workshop providing educators with various mindfulness exercises they can share with their students as well as stress management practices for themselves.   


Mindfulness in the Workplace

Research has shown mindfulness is effective in reducing employee sick days, boosting creativity and innovative thinking as well as improving employee job satisfaction.  Due to the significant volume of research connecting mindfulness to more effective employees and in turn, positive outcomes in business, major corporations such as Google, Apple and Nike, to name a few, are offering mindfulness programs to their employees.   You can book Wendy for a presentation at your workplace for a lunch and learn, half day or full day.   


 St. Emile School                                                       
St. John's Ravenscourt                                             
Transcona Collegiate                                               
Jameswood Alternative School                               

John Taylor Collegiate                                             
Regent Park School


Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools Annual Conference 


Healthy Together Now Share and Learn


Winnipeg Construction Association

Number TEN Architectural Group

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