Client Love

She is very knowledgeable, personable, extremely easy to open up to. Totally helped get my scattered thoughts organized which enabled me to do the research I need going forward. I found her to be very thorough with all my thoughts and ideas I was tossing around. She took the time to explore them all and did not make me feel anxious or self conscious about myself for being so scattered. ~HB  

 I found Wendy to be very knowledgeable about the material provided and very creative about putting together a great course.  There was a good balance of meditations, material and interesting assignments.  The environment was conducive to sharing but there was never any pressure to do so.  All in all, I would highly recommend this valuable course.  It could change your life.  ~AT 

 Wendy is an excellent life coach.  She brings the material to life with all the topics she discusses.  I have benefited fully from this class and will not hesitate to recommend it to others! Thank you Wendy!  ~SC

 I felt powerful and invigorated, inspired, knew I could do what I wanted after our meeting. Nothing but positive experience. I learned things about myself that I hadn't quite realized. Definitely recommend. ~KR 

 ​Wendy has a very natural calmness and genuineness that makes her clients, especially children, feel at ease, relaxed and in a good place to share anything that is concerning them. She offers sound advice at an age appropriate level. I would highly recommend her to others. ~ Lisa   

 Wendy has a way of making people feel very comfortable and welcomed in her presence and she is an extremely good listener who asks very thought-provoking questions. She helped get me started on the road to achieving my goals and dreams in life! ~Katie Butz Winnipeg, Manitoba 

 Wendy is amazing, so easy to talk with and asked great questions that really got me to think on a deeper level to understand where I was at and what I want in the first session! She has helped me more in our two sessions and I am in a really good place in my life and she supported me to realize that. Thank you so much for being so supportive and caring and keeping me focused and asking the tough questions. We did some great work together ~PT 

 Wendy's coaching was most valuable to me because it helped me put the understanding that I have about the things holding me back into motion in a thorough, self loving, mindful way. She gave me tools that I can use everyday to keep myself on track that are simple in their implementation and profound in their impact. ~HT

 Wendy asked very pointed questions that got to the heart of the issues I was most interested in exploring, and was extremely attentive. She guided our sessions in an extremely positive and knowledgeable manner without making anything feel forced and allowing me to talk freely without any judgement. ~anonymous 

 I found that after our appointments, I was always in a much better place to feel good about me, my life, and others around me. The appointments were always very helpful for me.~ SB

 Wendy was most valuable to me by allowing me vocalize my ideas, brainstorming with me and prompting me to think about possible ways to approach my plan. She also taught me great strategies for keeping a positive outlook in the face of outside negativity. ~TM 

Planting Seeds and Pulling Weeds was a necessary and empowering class that complimented my mindfulness journey.  Thank you Wendy!  ~AM